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These background pdf articles are meant to provide an overview or detail on specific topics related to business partnering/internal consulting:

What Do Internal Clients Value from Professionals?
In the last 7 years, we have amassed about 10,000 survey records from over 1,000 professionals working inside organizations -- a recent subset of perhaps the best database of its type in the world. As is usual with 360 feedback, individual data is completely confidential, but we have analyzed the collective data to answer the question: "What makes professionals credible?"
(If interested, we have a longer version wihich compares our current results to our earlier database of over 50,000 ratings over the last 20 years for how the credibility question is changing with time.)

White Collar Professional Productivity: A New Model-Internal Consulting
This updated article was originally published in a condensed version as "Internal Consulting" in Executive Excellence Magazine

Professionals: Breaking through good to great.
Inspired by Jim Collins' bestseller, Good to Great, the article presents a parallel good-to-great path for professionals who provide expertise to clients.
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