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This series of free, brief articles are for professionals who need to deliver their expertise inside or outside their organization. Each one is meant to stand alone, or can be read in sequence:

1.  What is an Internal Consultant/Business Partner?
2.  What Does It Take to Be a Business Partner?
3.  Five-Step Consulting Model
4.  Step 1: Exploring the Need
5.  The Power of Questions
6.  Airline Crashes & Consulting
7.  Business Need or Professional Deliverable
8.  Step 2: Clarifying Expectations
9.  Sorting Out Complex Situations
10. Step 4: Recommending Change aka Selling Your Ideas
11. Dealing with Reservations
12. Step 5: Taking Stock-Closing
13. Strategic Professional Roles
14. Leading Change as a Professional  (coming soon)
15. Saying "No" as a Professional

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