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Building on the worldwide success of our Powerful Professionals internal consulting workshops, we are now offering 1-hour Webinars on the core skills we know are crucial to professionals.

A selection from a series of 10 practical, how-to, interactive, 1-hour seminars on the core skills of internal consulting. (Topics in the sidebar.)
For Whom? Professionals who need to deliver their expertise to fallible managers or others - IT, Engineering, HR, Finance, Public Affairs - any professional or team leader with about 2 to 15 years experience.
When?  09:00 to 10:00 am Mountain time
Where? Anywhere you access your browser, keyboard and sound. (no camcorder or mike needed)
Why? We know what skills are important from over 1,200 workshops worldwide, over 15,000 participants, a 60,000 survey database, and a book. Webinars a very cost-effective, modern method for increasing non-technical, professional skills
How Much? We have an introductory offer of 1 FREE "seat" and subsequently $49/webinar
How to Register? Return e-mail to hiebert@consultskills.com  OR
For More Information? E-mail hiebert@consultskills.com or
download an informational pdf or a VIDEO

Webinar Skill Topics & Dates
To be announced

View a brief webinar VIDEO announcement

For more information, download a pdf.

Webinar Topics on Request
Intro to Internal Consulting/Business Partnering
Step 1: Exploring the Need
Asking Powerful Questions
Step 2: Clarifying Expectations
Sorting Out Complex Situations
Step 4: Recommending Change/Selling
          Your Ideas
Dealing with Resistance
Strategic Professional Roles
Leading Change as a Professional
Dealing with Multiple Stakeholders

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